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  • March 22, 2023 2:02 PM | Dawn Baker (Administrator)

    The financial support of the Maryland Council on Economic Education’s partners makes our work possible as we reach thousands of students and educators a year with engaging learning experiences that reinforce and introduce personal finance and economics concepts. As a longtime partner, Wells Fargo is leading the way.

    Wells Fargo’s generous support stems from its commitment to serving communities. Like MCEE, Wells Fargo prioritizes high-quality initiatives that open pathways to economic advancement. And like MCEE, Wells Fargo ensures its work helps under served communities, advances racial equity, and introduces crucial personal finance concepts that will help all students and educators, no matter their background.

    “Being a local partner of MCEE is impactful as we support building a stronger focus around financial health for our communities,” said Traci Horne, Wells Fargo Vice President and Sr. Social Impact & Sustainability Specialist. “Together, we can provide resources for our teachers, creating a stronger foundation of financial knowledge and empowerment for our youth where it matters the most, in the classroom.”

    To learn more about Wells Fargo’s community giving, click here.
  • March 05, 2023 5:45 PM | Dawn Baker (Administrator)

    OAKLAND — Southern Garrett High School students enrolled in Athena Wilson’s classes recently participated in the Stock Market Game and proved once again that Southern Garrett High School students are undeniably a state leader in investing. Click here for the complete article.

  • March 05, 2023 5:43 PM | Dawn Baker (Administrator)

    A team of 5th graders from Joppatowne Elementary placed first in the fall Stock Market Game. Click here for the article.

  • March 05, 2023 5:42 PM | Dawn Baker (Administrator)

    Students learn the basics of investing through simulated, real-world investment experiences.  Click here for the article.

  • March 05, 2023 5:38 PM | Dawn Baker (Administrator)

    A team of students from a Howard County elementary school emerged victorious in the Maryland central region's Fall Stock Market Game.  Click here to read the article.

  • January 20, 2023 4:43 PM | Dawn Baker (Administrator)

    When it comes to protecting and preparing investors, consumers and savers, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the FINRA Investor Education Foundation are among the leaders[PR1]. FINRA safeguards market integrity, implements investor protections, and helps ensure that communities have the awareness they need to make sound financial decisions. This commitment extends to the FINRA Investor Education Foundation’s generous partnership with MCEE - and it’s having a direct and significant impact on students. 

    Beginning in 2021, the FINRA Foundation has supported MCEE in expanding personal finance and economic education across Maryland. Every school year since, it has provided funding to allow groups of underserved, Title 1 schools to participate in theStock Market Game, the MCEE-managed student competition delivering simulated stock market investing experience while building financial and academic skills.

    “The FINRA Investor Education Foundation’s mission is to support innovative resources and educational projects that give underserved Americans the knowledge, skills and tools they need to make sound financial decisions,” explained Gerri Walsh, President of the FINRA Foundation, Senior Vice President of Investor Education. “Coupled with the proven success of the Stock Market Game in improving student performance and MCEE’s shared dedication and impressive work towards this mission, our partnership was a natural fit.”

    This commitment to breaking down barriers to economic understanding has driven MCEE’s work and has helped the Maryland Stock Market Game grow into the impactful program it is today. More than 320 Maryland schools and 17,000 students participate a year.

    The FINRA Foundation also partners with MCEE to bring FINRA experts into classrooms to share insights with students on topics like capital markets, regulatory environments, and differing types of investments. In addition to its support of MCEE, FINRA’s Office of Investor Education provides useful resources that guide investors through the investing process toward the best decisions.Find them here

    As Walsh put it, “having financial understanding promotes the ability to make sound financial decisions throughout life. These decisions are all around us, and having the information needed to make them in ways that align with our goals could not be more important. Through this work with MCEE, we’re seeking to reduce the wealth disparities and economic barriers that stem from lack of awareness.”

    MCEE couldn’t be more appreciative of the FINRA Foundation’s thoughtful, impactful partnership and support. To learn more about the FINRA Foundation, clickhere.

  • January 04, 2023 8:31 PM | Dawn Baker (Administrator)

    Last month, Southern Maryland News published MCEE Executive Director Julie Weaver's letter to the editor about how Southern Maryland sets an example in personal finance and economics education for the rest of the state. Kudos to Charles, Calvert, and St. Mary's Counties for ensuring students access the economics education they need to lead successful, financially secure lives. Read the letter here.

  • December 06, 2022 1:22 PM | Dawn Baker (Administrator)

    The generous support and partnership of our sponsors allows us to deliver personal finance and economics education that has an impact. When that support comes from partners whose business emphasizes education, the impact is even greater! First Financial Federal Credit Union is a perfect example. 

    Founded nearly 70 years ago by a Baltimore County Public School math teacher, First Financial understands that the best way for young adults to become financially independent is to provide educators with resources to teach these valuable skills.

    More than a third of First Financial’s customer base works in fields relating to education, so the not-for-profit financial institution prioritizes community partnerships and sponsorships that directly support them. 

    For more than 20 years, First Financial has supported MCEE. Thanks to their partnership, every student in their service area can access MCEE’s Stock Market Game lesson plans and classroom activities (find them here!). And First Financial employees and families regularly volunteer at MCEE programs and events. 

    In addition to its collaboration with MCEE, First Financial delivers regular webinars and presentations to more than 10,000 students a year as part of its Financial Wellness initiative. The program covers important finance basics like credit scores, car-buying, and mortgages. Find it here.

    “Our partnership with MCEE supports First Financial’s mission to provide our members and local community with resources to build a life of financial freedom” stated Eric Church, First Financial FCU President/CEO. “We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with quality organizations like MCEE, who share our dedication to financial wellness which ultimately makes a better, stronger community for all.”

    This kind of like-minded commitment to improving the financial futures of our students is game-changing for MCEE. To learn more about First Financial Federal Credit Union’s community initiatives, visit www.firstfinancial.org/community

  • December 06, 2022 12:55 PM | Dawn Baker (Administrator)

    SALISBURY, MD---While most high schoolers depend on allowances and part-time jobs for spending money, 19 students from Parkside High School recently learned how investments also can pay off, thanks to Salisbury University’s Franklin P. Perdue School of Business, in partnership with the Maryland Council on Economic Education (MCEE).

    Through the Stock Market Game, an applied financial literacy simulation program managed by MCEE, students received hands-on training in market analysis, fundamental analysis of selecting stocks and making investment decisions.

    “Previously, Wicomico County Public Schools students would travel to Towson University [in Baltimore County] to participate in this program,” said Dr. Leonard Arvi, SU professor of finance, who led the training. “With the support of MCEE, we are able to provide the same opportunity to our local public-school students.”

    MCEE, a non-profit organization working with educators and students throughout Maryland to ensure access to high-quality economics and personal finance education, coordinated the field trip for the Parkside students. Also in attendance were Parkside High School teachers Jennifer Pariseau and Pamela Bryan, as well as Julie Weaver, MCEE executive director.

    After the training and presentation, students received a campus tour of SU, followed by lunch at the University’s Commons, for many it was their first visit to a college campus.

    “This initiative is part of SU’s community outreach and highlighting SU as a potential college choice for them,” Leonard said.

    The program was made possible through funding support from Dr. Christy Weer, dean of the Perdue School, and Dr. Karen Olmstead, SU provost and senior vice president for academic affairs.

    While this was the first-time high school students have used the Stock Market Game at SU, Arvi hopes to expand the program to accommodate more students, including those from other area schools, in the future.

    Learn more about opportunities to Make Tomorrow Yours at www.salisbury.edu.

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