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In partnership with Towson University, we offer a unique field trip experience that is offered free of charge to classrooms engaged in The Stock Market Game Experience.

New for Spring 2021 - Virtual Field Trip Experiences

In light of the global pandemic and resulting inability for school classes to visit in person, we have created three virtual field trip experiences for Maryland students.   These field trips offer lessons in wealth creation through saving and thoughtful investing as well as a glimpse of the resources available through Towson University. 

How to Really Become a Millionaire

A Little Can Become A Lot - Compound Interest

For an interactive version of the above field trip experience, Click Here

For an interactive version of the above field trip experience, Click Here

Researching is Winning! How to Research Stock Investments and a Tour of Towson University

In-Person Field Trip Opportunity

  • We welcome 20 schools each year who are participating in the Stock Market Game to visit Towson University’s state of the art T. Rowe Price Finance Lab for a lesson in saving and investing.  During their visit students are able to:

      • Research investment opportunities and trade on Bloomberg Terminals
      • Check their Stock Market Game virtual portfolios
      • Learn tips on “How to become a millionaire” through a long-term savings and investment plan
      • Tour Towson University’s beautiful campus in Towson, Maryland
      • Enjoy lunch in the Towson University dining hall for a “taste” of the college experience

To learn more about this opportunity for your school or classroom, please contact us at 410-704-2137 or send us an email to mcee@towson.edu

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