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 Mission and Vision

The mission of the Maryland Council on Economic Education is to assure that Maryland's school children leave high school equipped with the economic and financial literacy knowledge and decision-making skills they will need to make informed, rational decisions as consumers, workers, citizens, savers, investors and participants in the global economy.

Improving Economic and Financial Education in Maryland

What we need to know to make sound economic and financial decisions far exceeds the knowledge that most of us have. Economic and financial illiteracy are widespread problems but they are problems that can be solved through education. In Maryland, the Maryland Council on Economic Education is spearheading the effort to eradicate both economic and financial illiteracy.

Our primary strategy is to work through the education system to increase the quantity and improve the quality of economic and financial instruction that is provided in Maryland’s schools.

“The Maryland Council on Economic Education is a dedicated advocate for economic and financial education for Maryland ‘s students. The Council is committed to providing important support for the development of standards-based economics and personal finance curricula, teacher training programs, and lesson plans for teachers to use in their classrooms. For more than half a century, the Council has been a highly dependable and cooperative partner for Maryland schools.”

Dr. Nancy Grasmick
Former State Superintendent of Schools
Presidential Scholar Towson University

“As treasurer of the State of Maryland, I have made financial literacy one of my top priorities. When it comes to finances, it’s not just about how much money you have, but how you manage it. And those skills need to be developed at a young age. Organizations like the Maryland Council on Economic Education are vital to our youth to ensure they acquire the necessary skills for a fast-paced, 21st century workforce. I look forward to partnership with this organization in the future.”  

Dereck Davis, Treasurer of Maryland

 What We Offer

  • Individualized assistance to develop curriculum that includes economic and financial instruction and to develop assessments to measure learning.
  • Free teacher workshops and courses to prepare the teachers to teach the content-since 1983, over 35,000 teachers who have taught more than 2 million children have attended our training programs.
  • Excellent lesson plans and other classroom materials–most free–for teachers to use.
  • Programs and seminars for adults and community groups.
  • The Maryland Stock Market Game™, a poster contest for students in grades 1-8, the Maryland Economics Challenge competition for high-school students and a Personal Finance Challenge competition for high school students.

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