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Parent Academy Stock Market Game Resources

Welcome Harford County Families to the Stock Market Game!

The Stock Market Game is intended to be a completely flexible experience. Users are encouraged to follow a pace that best suits the schedule, needs and abilities of the student investor. Instruction can be facilitated by the parent through the use of Teacher Support Center lessons and activities or opt for a more self-paced experience through the use of the SMG Student Activity Packet. 

Below you will find some resources to help get you started, videos for both parent advisors and student investors,  and some of our favorite research sources. 

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Getting Started

To sign up for the Stock Market Game, follow these instructions that have been created for participants in the Harford County Parent Academy program. Shortly after you sign-up, you will receive your advisor user name and password. 

If you can't find the this information, check your email spam or junk mail folder. Still can't find it? Then email dbaker@towson.edu.

Parent/Advisors: Use your advisor user name and password to access the teacher support center. In a separate email, you will receive the user name and password for your student investor(s).

Student Investors: Your student investors will use their user name and password to access their account so that they can make trades, do some research and check the status of their portfolio. This video will guide you through accessing and making a stock trade in your Stock Market Game portfolio.

Download this Step by Step Guide for Parents.

Parent advisors can use lessons from the Teacher Support Center or you use the Student Activity Packet or a combination of both.

The Student Activity Packet includes details about getting started with the SMG, and a list of video resources, and key terminology. Plus, you will find content about stocks, a guide to read stock quote and how to get started with research. Content is also provided on bonds and mutual funds.  

Parent Academy Videos

Designed for parents, MCEE has created three videos to provided you with an overview of the Stock Market Game. Learn about the benefits of playing the SMG and options for guiding your student investors. 

Videos to Use to Supplement the SMG Experience

The SIFMA Foundation's SMG Essentials Mini Lessons introduce financial literacy concepts, such as setting saving and investing goals, determining an investment strategy, asset classes, diversification, conducting research, managing an investment portfolio, and more!

Each video is under 6 minutes long and concludes with a "Question to Consider" which parents can utilize for family discussions.

The concepts build off of each other, so make sure to start with video #1 on the playlist, "The Stock Market Game Kick Off!"

As a family, consider watching one or all three videos about savings and investing. These videos were filmed in the T. Rowe Price Finance Lab at Towson University. To encourage dialog, interactive EdPuzzles are included.


When it comes to research, student investors have many options. Listed below are two of our favorite websites.

Use Yahoo Finance to find ticker symbols, stock quotes financial reports and news.

Wikipedia is a good source for finding the name of a parent company. For example, if an investor is interested in buying stock in the company that makes Doritos, they will discover that the parent company is PepsiCo.

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